UDTab - load data on request

Is there any way to load tab specific data on click on the related tab?

Example: have a page to see AD user information with 2 tabs:

-overview (general properties displayed - SamAccountName, DisplayName, …)
-group memberships (UDGrid of all groups the user is member of)

But the “group memberships” data should only be queried if the tab gets clicked, not each time the page gets visited.

Tabs currently don’t support endpoints. Shouldn’t be too hard to add but you should file an issue. We could make them appear when you click as you say.


sounds good …

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This should give you what you want .


How can i use the tabs that you recreated?

Just use the tabs in ud

Which version is required to use the new tabs, the version im using is 2.53 and doesnt allow for the updates you added

2.8 +