Question about New-UDLink

I have a question about New-UDLink. I just happened to come across it in my travels through the forum, and it looks like it will do exactly what I am after. However, I do not see anything at all in the docs for it. I see it referenced in some of the scripts out on github, and can see the files for it under /Dashboard/v2/Components (and v3).

Does the lack of documentation mean it is still being worked on, or is it something that was removed? Either way, should I avoid using it? If it is available, and there is just not a doc page for it, I am happy to write one as I think it is beneficial.

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 2.5.1

I’ve noticed a couple of things like this in V3 / PSU. I’m wondering if it’s just something thats not been added since they overhauled from UD V2.
Works as expected, it’s a pretty simple function, you can use:
get-help New-UDLink -full
To see the param sets.
Basically just provide the -url, if you want it to open in a new window then provide that as a param too, finally provide the -text
Alternativly, instead of the -url, you can also provide a -onclick scriptblock so you could use it in the same way as a new-udbutton and interact with other components on page for example

I’ll get some docs written up for this.

EDIT: Link - PowerShell Universal

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Awesome, thanks @adam

Edit: Just a thought. I am curious if there would be benefit in calling out the different available parameters under Style/Variant/etc. Most elements have these that can be applied, but don’t reference exactly what options are available in each. I know there is a Styles page in the docs, but perhaps examples of options would be beneficial? I could be over-thinking it.