New-UDLink onclick replacement

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 1.5.10

I heavily used new-udlink with onclick function in V2 of PowerShell dashboard. I am wondering if there is a way or me to replicate that in V3 either by changing the look of the button or some other way?

I have for the time being replaced it with new-udbutton but don’t really like the look of it for my specific purpose. I would have it show-udmodal.

New-UDLink -Text 'Backup File Name' -OnClick (
    Show-UDModal -Content {
	    #Show some info in the backup file

I just added OnClick back to New-UDLink. It will be available in 1.5.11.

I tried to work around it with New-UDElement but no luck.

That sounds great!

Thanks for the update.