Publishing UniversalDashboard.Community to IIS

Hi All,

I’m trying to publish a dashboard to a Windows Server 2016 build 1607. I have installed the required .NET Framework v4.7.2 and enabled WebSockets. However I am getting a 500 error when I tried to navigate to the server from a workstation. On the Server when I navigate to http://localhost I get a 500.19 error. I did use Enable-UDLogging and dont see any errors.

You need core 2.2.4 download from below link

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make sure to change the app pool user from the “virtual app pool user”.
I changed it to “localsystem” and that fixed my issue.

root cause, seems to be permissions for that account.

I thought I had the correct .Net Core installed. It looks like the link from the gitbooks are not correct. I installed .Net Core 2.2 and it started working.

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This was a fun detour to rehash 7 months later