PSU Endpoints Disappeared after Service Restart

I just spent several hours designing some endpoints on PSU 2.6.1 and when I went to restart the service via services.msc I came back and noticed all of my endpoints are missing. Can anybody please help me figure out what happened and how to recover these please!

I would check in C:\ProgramData\UniversalAutomation.universal\endpoints.ps1 and see if the file contains any script. It may be that there is an error within the scripts and it’s not loading the endpoint file.

@adam no joke I was watching your api video and saw you clicked that file so I just did the exact same and was able to recover my scripts. After scrolling through I quickly found a random " that was causing a syntax error. Not a clue how that got added from a restart, but that did indeed fix it. Perhaps it is time to hook up git sync so my stuff is backed up… lol

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