PSU 5 Beta 3 Testing results

after configuring form authontication for active directory and roles when user login the following error return after sucessful login

Invalid pattern ‘apis(.*)’ at offset 9. Too many )'s.

to fix above i have to manually assign the role under identities to the user.
it looks like policy defined is not working as it should compare to PSU v4.

2- unable to change login page logo
3-its still shows you have not configured authontication or authorization …etc at the login page even after configuring authontication in PSU.
4-admin console is showing 2 apps in the home screen when only 1 app has been created there.
5- when logout /login always dark mode is activated even though i change it to light but keep going back to dark mode after login.

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 5 beta 3


I am experiencing the same thing with the latest beta.
I cannot get into the admin console to change anything.