PowerShell Universal - 3.7.3

PowerShell Universal - 3.7.3

Release Notes


  • Fixed an issue where the default tag would always show in swagger docs


  • Fixed an issue where the git commit dialog would reset after 5 seconds (manual git mode)
  • Fixed an issue where nested IIS sites could not import templates
  • Fixed an issue where the default authentication warning was shown even if the local admin password was changed


After using the .MSI installer to update from 3.7.1. to 3.7.3, im no longer able to access the login page.

TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘defaultLoginPage’)

at Gt (http://localhost:5000/admin/static/js/main.466786bc.chunk.js:1:183754)
at d (http://localhost:5000/admin/static/js/17.7cce8ea5.chunk.js:2:389246)
at p (http://localhost:5000/admin/static/js/17.7cce8ea5.chunk.js:2:389574)
at h (http://localhost:5000/admin/static/js/17.7cce8ea5.chunk.js:2:389311)
at u (http://localhost:5000/admin/static/js/17.7cce8ea5.chunk.js:2:377284)
at n (http://localhost:5000/admin/static/js/17.7cce8ea5.chunk.js:2:3110145)
at Suspense
at u (http://localhost:5000/admin/static/js/main.466786bc.chunk.js:1:64979)
at m (http://localhost:5000/admin/static/js/main.466786bc.chunk.js:1:144280)
at s (http://localhost:5000/admin/static/js/17.7cce8ea5.chunk.js:2:940914)
at c (http://localhost:5000/admin/static/js/17.7cce8ea5.chunk.js:2:665677)
at xa

The Dashboards that I have build are running, it’s just the login page.

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Could you please send a log file to support@ironmansoftware.com?

Still not fixed with 3.7.3 for me, still seeing banner even though admin password (forms authentication) has been changed from default

Also seeing the exact same TypeError error after upgrading from 3.7.1 to 3.7.3.

Will see if I can send logs to support.

Same here after upgrading my docker container to 3.7.3 - getting the “TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘defaultLoginPage’)”

We’re rolling out a 3.7.4 build to reset the default admin accounts. After evaluating several custom installations, it seems that PSU can get into a state where the admin account is created and set as a local account but the password has failed to set correctly.

This causes the login page issue. This will also be fixed in this build. This will prevent the page from crashing when in this state. You should see the build sometime tomorrow morning.


3.7.4 was released.

If you need to reset your admin account, you can now use the --reset-admin-account command line parameter. It will reset the admin account to admin\admin.

If you are running as a service and using LiteDB, you will need to ensure that when you run Universal.Server.exe that you have the proper permissions to write to the database. You will need to stop the PSU service when doing this.