PSScriptPAD loads only once

Since a few days I can’t seem to manage to start the scriptPAD anymore, at least not more than once.
It does start when I have just started visual studio code, if i close the current form an want to open it again, i only see that it tries

but nothing else…
I’ve not found any entry in any log that i could think of, any idea what could be wrong?

Tool: Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, PSScriptPad, PowerShell Module

You may have looked already but have you checked event viewer for any crashes related to PSScriptPad?

You can also try launching PSScriptPad manually to see if that behaves differently: PowerShell Pro Tools Downloads - Ironman Software

As a debugging step, you can also try launching PSScriptPad with the command line switches. VS Code launches PSScriptPad with the following command line:

PSScriptPad.exe -c "Form.ps1" -d "Form.designer.ps1"

You could also try that to see if that works.

I’ve check the event viewer, there is no entry from the PSScriptPad.

I’ve just tried to start the freshly downloaded one from your link, adding the parameters to point to the form i’m working on, no issues with it. It loads perfectly fine.
It seems like vscode does not try to actually start it, at least not after the first time.

As mentionned, after i restart vscode is opened the pad, once and once only. After that i got to restart vscode. I’ll try on another computer to see if somehow this is due to a change on my setup.

Well no issues on another computer after a fresh installation of vscode! I’ll try to reinstall on this computer, i don’t see why it stopped working but it is an easy enought fix, if it works… I’ll keep you posted.

Well no luck, reinstalled and reconfigured my vscode and powershell pro, still the pad starts only once, then i need to restart vscode to have it start again, pretty weird huh?

That is really weird. I’ll try to add some more logging into this section of the extension to see if we can get some more info as to what is happening here.

Morning, i just wanted to infom you that your update to fix this same issue on this post :

has fixed the issue for me as well!