PS7 Dashboard is creating hundreds of Zombie pwsh.exe threads

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 4.2.12

We have a Dashboard which is using Powershell 7 (v7.4.1)
This dashboard is spawning multiple Zombie instances of pwsh.exe on the server.
Eventually ALL Memory is consumed by these Zombie instances.
This does not happen with schedules tasks that are running PowerShell 7.4.1
Looking for suggestions.

As an example.

Does your app/dashboard code start any new processes? That would be my first guess because I’m running 7.4.1 in production, and I have only as many pwsh.exe processes as I have environments and dashboards. It might also be helpful to share more details about what your dashboard does so that us on the forums can better analyze the issue.

Hi thanks for the reply.
A colleague ended up opening a support case.
We think the issue was due to Module Discovery which was happening every 15 minutes. I have since changed this to check monthly.

We also updated all powershell modules to the latest version.
Problem solved!