Powershell universal is super slow

The psu dashboards are super slow, on both of my environments.
Version 3.10.4

Cant load any dashboard, even after wating for 10 minuts
No restart of the entire server or service are help’s.

it happens after I upgrade the version, right now there is no way I can go back to the older version,

any solution?

You will need to share some of your code. It seems like whatever is running on page load is blocking it from loading.

it happens on all dashboards…

Does it happen on a new blank app as well?

Try adding
$DebugPreference = ‘Continue’
To the top of the App’s code, and visit the log tab for the dashboard for anything that might stick out.

Yes it happens in new app.
Added the var to the top, still got the same issue and not see anything wrong at logs

Waiting for dashboard information...
Dashboard information received. Starting dashboard.
Creating services.
C:\Program Files (x86)\Universal\Modules\Universal\Universal.psd1
Starting scheduler.
Dashboard configuration complete.

I been using this software on and off for years now and speed has never been an issue.

To clarify it is not the product have you just setup a new dashboard app using one of the built in templates like multi page. And then run that. This should load super fast.

You must be trying to pull some data into your dashboard before it can display the components. If this is the case you should be looking at running the getting the data as a job then just returning the output of the job instead of trying to do some sql or ad query on the fly whilst loading your dashboard