Proper Licensing for developing a PSU application that utilizes licensed features

Hey all,
I am a new user to powershell pro tools and am looking to get started building a custom task management and monitoring solution for my employer. Given the way my organization works, this will be something I have to “bring to work” for my director to formally purchase (not complaining cause he re-imbursed me for my license, Awesome, Free tools!)

So i have a couple questions about how I am allowed to use the software:

  1. I have 3 machines a Personal Laptop and Desktop (linux if it makes a difference) and 1 Work machine (Windows) Am I allowed to assign my Powershell Pro-tools license to visual studio code on all my machines or is there a seat limit?
  2. Am I allowed to assign my powershell universal license to my all my machines and then DEPLOY it with an additional license or is there a limit? I ask because I want to develop a solution with the licensed features but would be doing the development work across computers.
  3. Difference Between Standard vs offline key? Which is the “perpetual”?