Dev/Testing Server to Prod Server License?

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 3.4.6

Development Deployment:
Git: Two-Way
Git Branch: dev
OS: Windows Server 2019

Production Deployment:
Git: One-Way
Git Branch: main
OS: Windows Server 2019

If i have a development environment that PR’s to the main branch and then to the production server, and i am not using the dev/test deployment environment as a production environment. The reason for this gated setup is to product production from unintended bad changes.

@adam, does this scenario count for 1 or 2 environments in your licensing model?

This is unclear to me: PowerShell Universal Pricing - Ironman Software

Have you seen this part of the documentation?

Licensing - PowerShell Universal

We are interested in this as well…

do we set up multiple PSU servers for each branch?

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