Preventing access to default routes

Is it possible to run Universal with the default routes on one port (e.g., 5000) but the user-defined components on another (such as 80 or 443)? Or, is it possible to run Universal as a Windows service WITHOUT any of the default routes? I’d like to use Universal to publish some APIs to the web, but don’t particularly want to expose the admin guts if I can help it.

Some example routes I’m thinking of/know about:

  • /login
  • /admin
  • /swagger
  • /api

There may be others that I haven’t come across yet. Is there a list of these someplace? I’ve also considered just catching/blackholing these routes via my load-balancer, but I’m not sure that I know of all of them.

I’m currently running Universal as a Windows service, just via the MSI install.