PowerShell Universal VS Code Extension

I’ve just released a VS Code extension for PowerShell Universal. It automatically downloads and starts up Universal. It then connects to the web server and you can manage dashboards. It makes it easier to load IntelliSense and restart dashboards right from VS Code.

Read more: https://blog.ironmansoftware.com/universal-vs-code/


awesome awesome awesome


Hey, thanks for this :slightly_smiling_face:

should this work if Universal is hosted locally, in IIS?
I tried setting the correct port, and pointing it to the correct .Server.exe, but i get errors that it failed to connect.

Ok i could get it to work now. I had to also enable Anonymous Auth, additional to Windows Auth. It seems its not possible to connect with only windows auth, right?

It doesn’t support Windows Auth at the moment.

FYI, the VSCode extension v1.5.0 does not work with PSU v1.3.2, it’s not loading anything.
I haven’t tested with 1.4.0 yet because I use custom RBAC auth, but for now I’ll just downgrade the extension :+1:

Thanks for letting me know. That’s really weird. Most of the API hasn’t changed.

This has been resolved in 1.5.1. Something changed in the toolchain and now files aren’t being included in the final VSIX. Still trying to track down what’s happened. The code change didn’t cause this which is very annoying. I published a patched version.

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Trying the extension today but epic failure with
where am I going wrong?

UPDATE…If anyone else is having this issue, you need to press F1 type in settings, open user preferences setting, expand the extensions drop down, find powershell universal, then uncheck START SERVER this then makes the issue disappear