Powershell Universal not loading powershell modules

Hi Adam,
I would like to load some powershell modules that are installed in the server, in vscode its working fine on the same server, but not on universal dashboard and there is no option in v2 to add my powershell modules like:

  1. Install-Module SecretManagement.KeePass


That module is conflicting with an assembly loaded into the PowerShell process. You’ll likely have to enable fusion logging to determine which is causing the issue: c# - How to enable assembly bind failure logging (Fusion) in .NET - Stack Overflow

Get-SecretVault -Name ‘Powershell’
even that doesnt work

running under iis and it seems all vault commands wont work
tried setting runas options, but still nothing, only works for varialbes saved within powershell universal
interestengly it doesnt show up my vault

Can you run Get-Module -ListAvailable on that machine? There is some module conflicting with other modules.