PowerShell Universal - 4.3.0

PowerShell Universal - 4.3.0

Release Notes


  • Added -AnonymousApiDocumentation to Set-PSUSettings (#3294)
  • Added support for bool parameters in API docs (#3349)


  • Fixed an issue with module parameters
  • Fixed an issue with deleting a terminal (#3358)
  • Fixed an issue with error stack traces on the jobs page (#3380)
  • Fixed an issue with access controls and scripts (#3385)

PowerShell Apps

  • Added -StripedRows to New-UDDataGrid (#3212)
  • Added -HeaderFilters to New-UDDataGrid (#3214)
  • Added -AutoSizeColumns to New-UDDataGrid (#3296)
  • Fixed an issue with Nivo line charts (#3318)
  • Added -ArcLinkLabel to New-UDNivoChart (#3293)
  • Added -ShowLoading, -LoadingIndicator, and -LoadingPosition to New-UDButtonGroupItem (#3247)
  • Fixed an error updating app pages (#3333)
  • Added -Sx and -Style to New-UDTabs and New-UDTab
  • Fixed an issue when viewing All items in a UDDataGrid (#3334)
  • Fixed an issue with case sensitivity in New-UDDataGrid (#3354)
  • Added a progress bar to New-UDTab when -Dynamic was used (#3357)
  • Fixed an issue with Get-UDTheme where it would not work without any parameters specified (#3363)
  • Fixed an issue with UDDataGrid -OnEdit duplicate IDs (#3316)
  • Fixed an issue with -ShowQuickFilter in New-UDDataGrid (#3394)
  • Added -Sx and -Style to New-UDListItem
  • Fixed an issue with boolean header filters in New-UDDataGrid (#3395)


  • Fixed an issue with commit author when using git and external git clients (#3322)
  • Fixed an issue initializing an empty git repository (#3335)
  • Fixed an issue that could cause PSU to fail to start properly (#3351)
  • Added logging to debugging service
  • Fixed an issue with the copy button and published folders in nested IIS sites (#2655)
  • Fixed a case-sensitivity issue with the default environment and scripts
  • Fixed an issue with SQL connection string exhaustion in multi-node environments.
  • Fixed an issue deleting computers (#3364)



deploying directly to production with this one. crossing fingers.

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@adam The installer is showing the same “Unknown Publisher” error that the previous installer had, which I think you said was due to an expired package signing certificate.