Powershell Pro stuck on loading when opening some folders

Hi Adam
Powershell Pro stuck on loading when opening some folders
like this: and host process keeps running with no end

2021-05-31 17:53:54.679] [exthost] [error] TypeError: Cannot read property ‘split’ of undefined

at c:\Users\RootAdmin\.vscode\extensions\ironmansoftware.powershellprotools-5.28.1\out\extension.js:139:67

at Generator.next (<anonymous>)

at c:\Users\RootAdmin\.vscode\extensions\ironmansoftware.powershellprotools-5.28.1\out\extension.js:8:71

at new Promise (<anonymous>)

at __awaiter (c:\Users\RootAdmin\.vscode\extensions\ironmansoftware.powershellprotools-5.28.1\out\extension.js:4:12)

at showUpgradeNotification (c:\Users\RootAdmin\.vscode\extensions\ironmansoftware.powershellprotools-5.28.1\out\extension.js:137:12)

at c:\Users\RootAdmin\.vscode\extensions\ironmansoftware.powershellprotools-5.28.1\out\extension.js:121:19

at Generator.next (<anonymous>)

at fulfilled (c:\Users\RootAdmin\.vscode\extensions\ironmansoftware.powershellprotools-5.28.1\out\extension.js:5:58)

at runMicrotasks (<anonymous>)

at processTicksAndRejections (internal/process/task_queues.js:93:5)

I’ll get this resolved. Thanks for the stack trace. Thats helpful.

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yeah, and working the old version .3 just fine, so its something from new

This should be resolved in the latest version. Let me know if you still see the problem.

nope, not working

Are you still seeing the same error?

yes, Adam

Can you try disabling this setting?


still nada :cry:

Is there anything in the PowerShell Pro Tools output channel? Click that drop down and click PowerShell Pro Tools.