Pages within pages

If I try to define one page at /Parent and another page at /Parent/Child, browsing to the Child URL displays the parent. I presume this is a bug and not intentional? Same results whether the parent is dynamic or static.

Same behavior with both v2.2 and v2.3.0.118.

$Pages = @(
    New-UDPage -URL '/Parent'       -Endpoint { New-UDParagraph -Text 'Parent' }
    New-UDPage -URL '/Parent/Child' -Endpoint { New-UDParagraph -Text 'Child'  } )

Start-UDDashboard -Dashboard ( New-UDDashboard -Pages $Pages ) -Name Test1 -Port 1111

Tim Curwick

Yep. Very much a bug.

Is there a target date for the 2.3 release?

Feb 11th -