Page URLs starting with "Login"

I just started using Powershell Universal and meant to create my first page, with a little test script to just check for available usernames in our AD.
So I named the page “Login-Availability” and whenever opening it, I ended up on the default PU login page. With this being all brand new, I was sure my SSO with Azure was wrong. But now I found it’s really just about the name. With letting it generate the URL, I found that any name combination starting with “login” would take me to the login page instead.
I don’t mind just not using “login” but I guess either this is a bug or there could be something out that this is not a valid page name/URL

Sorry if I’m talking out of my a**. As I said, I’m brand new to this and more of a sysadmin then a developer.
Just thought I’d point out what I found


Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 3.3.6

Sounds like this, which I encountered (though in my case, it was my own created pages that were not routing how I wanted).

Since most likely answer is, don’t use “login” directly. Have something before it in the URL like this…