Odd behavior on API Endpoints

I’ve had some fairly consistent problems with editing API endpoints. I’ll have a version of it working and I’ll find that sometimes the output debugger shows the following. It can even change the editor to write-host “hello world” and it’ll do the same thing. Any thoughts on how to fix? Only way I’ve found is to completely delete the endpoint and start from scratch.


  • It also happens with GET verbs
    The actual API appears to work, but troubleshooting with the output screen stops


New-PSUEndpoint -Url "/validateremediation" -Method "POST" -Endpoint {
$Fields = $Body | ConvertFrom-Json
$netid = $fields.NetID
$aduser = get-aduser $netid
if ($aduser)
     New-PSUValidationResult -Success
     New-PSUValidationResult -ErrorMessage 'Incorrect name'


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Product: PowerShell Universal (IIS)
Version: 2.12.5