No scrollbars on tables?

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 3.2.8

i wanted to ask if this is expected behaviour. I made a table and added data source from script, i selected to use scrollbars on the table component, but still it just throws all on the entire page. Any idea if i am doing something wrong ?

Thank you in advance,

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Hey @gregzon just wondering how many columns you got in this table? Also thinking have you put this in a size 12 column? Happy to look at making a demo tomorrow to see if I can replicate this. Or can you share some demo code?

hi @psDevUK , thank you for reply. So the code is very simple:
I have service.ps1 script , and it has this inside:

This script service.ps1 is the data source for the table.
Just that 1 line, it should retrieve all the services objects.
The service object has something around 20 properties. In the columns section i don’t secify any particular colums for the table object. I just want to have all columns.
I select the show scrollbars option for it.
I have zoomed out my screen to 25% to take screenshot:

to show the scale.
When in 100% this table goes way off to the right and there are no scrollbars to go to the right. You can select text and move mouse to the right, and that’s how i could move the colums to the right.

What is really strange is that, my ‘scrollbars’ are not selected. I am not sure what i am doing wrong. I click on them, making the ‘tickbox’ on. then i click save. Then i click save the project. I refresh page, and when i edit the table element again it still shows the scrollbars as not selected.

i tried to click more options, other options have the tick enabled, but scrollbars tick goes off.
When i edit the table element, i select the scrollbars (tick) i click save on that table configuration element. Then i edit it again , then the scrollbars is still with the tick. The moment i click save on the top right of the page , as in save the page, this table element will lose the tick for scrollbars.