NivoChart Bar Color Base on Condition Logic

Hi All -

Is it possible to assign specific color when certain condition is met?

Below is what I did - Nivochart and UDchart, I was able to figure out with UDchart - if duration greater that 60 minutes, bar color is set to red and anything less than is blue.

@adam - Any idea?

I do not find anything related in the documentation. The closest option i could see is UseDataColor - any idea how to use this?

Let me play around and then update the docs on colors. I feel like the nivo colors are weird and I have a hard time getting them working myself.

Thanks @adam.

Nivo chart is neat, and has a broad range of features but I like ChartJS on its flexibility.

Anyway, do you know how to convert the JS code in UDChart options? Is it possible? What I would like to do is show value ontop of bar.

There is also plugins available, not sure how to load it to UD though.