Conditionnal formatting on UdChart

Is there any way to color differently one bar if one condition is met ? I want different color if a VolumeName is equal to something.

Here’s my code :
[PSCustomObject]@{ DeviceId = _.VolumeName; Size = [Math]::Round(.Size / 1GB, 2);
FreeSpace = [Math]::Round($
.FreeSpace / 1GB, 2); } } | Out-UDChartData -LabelProperty “DeviceID” -Dataset @(

					New-UdChartDataset -DataProperty "Size" -Label "Size" -BackgroundColor "#80962F23" -HoverBackgroundColor "#80962F23"
					New-UdChartDataset -DataProperty "FreeSpace" -Label "Free Space" -BackgroundColor "#8014558C" -HoverBackgroundColor "#8014558C"

The color value needs to be a variable. Set the color variable prior to [PSCustomObject]… coded

See below.

New-UdChartDataset -DataProperty "FreeSpace" -Label "Free Space" -BackgroundColor "#8014558C" -HoverBackgroundColor $mycolor```