New-UDTable dont honor the ID parameter for URL links?

Hey all,

is it me or dont New-UDTable use the ID for the link for update?

sorry for double post: Endpoint get GUID and not the ID in URL

I don’t exactly know what you mean but you will see GUIDs in the URL if you don’t specify an ID parameter on the control. Can you provide some code so that I can understand your question more?

Code example :slight_smile:

New-UDPage -Id ‘TestTable’ -Url “/TestTable” -Endpoint {
New-UDTable -id ‘TestTableId’ -Headers @(‘header1’, ‘header2’) -AutoRefresh -RefreshInterval 1 -Endpoint {
@{header1 = 'Test '; header2 = ‘test’ } | Out-UDTableData -Property @(‘header1’, ‘header2’)

This will query on GUID and not the Id.