New-UDSweetAlert with UA

Morning @psDevUK,

I am trying to use your component (SweetAlert), but it does not seem to be working in UA.
Am I possibly doing something wrong? I appreciate any help. I know you did have it wrapped in another command (I believe New-UDInputAction), however that produces command not found. I removed that and I do not get an error, but I do not see the popup?

            New-UDButton -Id "btnTestAgent$($EventData.Store)" -Text "Test Agent" -OnClick {
                New-UDSweetAlert -type "success" -title "$Name" -Text "you completed the form successfully!" -allowOutsideClick $false -allowEscapeKey $false -allowEnterKey $false

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 2.2.0

I only realised after building the component it didn’t work in IE which I was forced to use at the time, so I didn’t manage to link the $eventdata to this component either (this was one of my early components so it’s not the best built)…I mean have you tried component just in a blank dashboard…? I’ve been spending my time with the kids lately as summer holidays etc…so still got to get round to installing PSU on personal laptop…happy to do a demo or at least confirm if I too have issues, just as before please make sure you download this using the PSU plugin in VS Code…I will try this myself and update…

Hey @psDevUK

I appreciate your reply! I am using Firefox and it was having issues, however, doing some more digging I did notice that someone else had the same issue and was able to get it to work while enclosing it in a New-UDModel. I have not tried it in a blank dashboard, but I definitely will try it. No worries, I completely understand! Family & kids always come first! :slight_smile:

Yeah, I downloaded it from the Marketplace inside of UA and then under the dashboard enabled that under modules. :slight_smile: