More bling for the marketplace SweetAlert2

So I been trying to chip in and create some custom components, to hopefully inspire other UD addicts to do the same. So I found this project here:-
and I thought this looked super cool, and had way more bling than your standard toast notification. As I love bling that I cannot afford I thought I would create this little beauty for UD. So next I found someone implementing this into ReactJs here:- then as I’m no react pro, I did some testing and building and here is a sneak peek:-

I will be uploading this to powershell gallery and github tomorrow but I hope you like what you see? I will make sure to make a readme for this as well.

Now on the marketplace and powershell gallery


Looking forward to submit a couple of issues about it when I find them :wink:

Looks very nice, I can see my self using it a few places already.

Also, his name is Link :frowning:

:face_with_monocle: very nice

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Lol, I know his name is Link but my daughters’ name is Zelda…anyways…I got round to uploading this now have fun and I did put a readme on github waiting for it to sync to any questions please ask

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Good stuff, I like it alot! it got WAF!

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Off work today so doing the school run for the Mrs and I managed to build another UD component so watch this space for more bling :smile:

This is a much wanted module - I have been using Modal’s for this same function but this is nicely wrapped.

Just a few minutes testing/playing with this module - I have noticed the Alert does not work when inside a UDButton :frowning:

@psDevUK are you looking to add some of the additional configuration options? such as allowOutsideClick and allowEnterKey? Example found here -

Amazing work!

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Thanks @mylabonline much appreciated. Yeah the new-udbutton is expecting a json script block I believe, and I couldnt get it to work with that. It does work on it’s own and has a timer, or does work nicely on new-uninputaction as I have hopefully put in the readme.
I mean I don’t know if you looked at
But yeah there is a lot more this can do. I would definatly like to develop this a bit more, just need to beef up my react skills.
Please feel free to post any issues on this or things you would like to see on the gihub repository associated with this
Many Thanks


I’m adding this to my dashboard now, Got a couple places it could be used!

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adding this now :smile:
Ok telling you this on a side note…life with 4 kids (all girls) is real tough…anyways, I saw this being an easy upgrade I have now published the version 1.0.1 to powershell gallery

New-UDInputAction -Content { New-UDSweetAlert -type "success" -title "$Name" -Text "you completed the form successfully!" -allowOutsideClick $false -allowEscapeKey $false -allowEnterKey $false }

forces you to click the ok button…hope this is what you wanted?

Any good idea on why this doesn’t show?

    New-UDButton -Text "test" -OnClick {
        New-UDSweetAlert -type "success" -title "test" -Text "you completed the form successfully!" -allowOutsideClick $false -allowEscapeKey $false -allowEnterKey $false

The OnClick block fires just fine - any toast I throw in there shows just fine.

Yeah…as mentioned in previous post I believe this is looking for a json formatted script, and you’d have to pass the parameters as pscutom objects…or thats what I figured from watching youtube vid and inspecting the react element using the firefox react tool I installed.
So I couldn’t get it to work on a normal button, hence the example I have given is on the new-UDinputAction command where it just runs as expected. Think I need to upload the root folder onto the github repo I got then shout for some help in the development area…I mean it works if I render my own HTML button in the JSX but then you have a standard grey crappy looking HTML button, so I’d then have to include the materialize library for the button…I mean I know I done a few components now but still learning as I’m going.
Spent like an hour or more late last night trying to get the input to work with no luck :frowning: so I might have to ask a man who can on this one for some development tips…

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@psDevUK So when I use this with inputs, it causes the input to never return.

This happens with input fields for me when there was an unhandled error or unhandled output. Say a command was ran with -passthru and it’s output was not set to a variable.

Why does this not happen in your example, but when I run the github example it occurs.

Hi @gerane thanks for trying out this component. So I thought everything worked but sadly the input doesn’t. I tried to fix something else the spinner animation and broke the underlying JSX file. Doh! However I am now looking at sweetalert as better documentation for people who are not react jsx pros. I do have a github repo for this so this is on my TO DO list. Peace

P.S I used the poshud demo of input to take the input as a parameter then display the parameter name in the sweeralert2 window

Just about to eat but after that I will post the code behind my gif

after the alet display it unmount the input , if you upload your source code to github the jsx files and not only the js bundle file maybe i could help you.

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I will take you up on that offer. Cheers bro :smile:

I just hate the 20 characters limit :man_facepalming:

Yo @gerane I forgot to welcome you to the community :smile: HELLO and WELCOME to the UD forums! Now that is over and done with and I have had a lovely chinese take-away to fuel my brain, here is the code behind my GIF:-

Import-Module -Name UniversalDashboard.Community
Import-Module -Name UniversalDashboard.UDSweetAlert
Get-UDDashboard | Stop-UDDashboard
$Endpoint = New-UDEndpointInitialization -Module @('UniversalDashboard.UDSweetAlert')
Start-UDDashboard -Port 10005 -Dashboard (
    New-UDDashboard -Title "Powershell UniversalDashboard" -Content {
        New-UDTabContainer -Tabs {
            New-UDTab -Text "LandingPage" -Content {
                New-UDSweetAlert -Type info -Text "Hello" -ConfirmButtonText "I Agree" -Position top -ShowLoading $true
                New-UDInput -Title "User Data" -Endpoint {
                    param($Name, [bool]$Yes)

                    if ($Yes) {
                        New-UDInputAction -Content { New-UDSweetAlert -title "$Name" -type success -allowOutsideClick $false -allowEscapeKey $false -allowEnterKey $false }
                    else {
                        New-UDInputAction -Content { New-UDSweetAlert -type "error" -title "$Name" -Text "no you were supposed to tick YES!" }

    } -EndpointInitialization $Endpoint

Hope this helps you out, let me know if I can help more, but this is still a WIP but I was so excited I released it a tad too early…as mentioned this will wipe out the underlying input box…but I am sure @AlonGvili has plenty of tricks to show me on making this better. Peace

P.S depending how new you are to UD you don’t need the end point initialization in 2.6.1 and above I believe, but as I been using UD for a little while now I have used it in this demo.

@psDevUK That is the code I used. I am running 2.6.2, but have seen this behavior with inputs for many months.