New-UDForm and Submit button


Is there is a way to change de label of the submit button shown with New-UDForm ?

New-UDForm -Content {
                    New-UDTextbox -Placeholder 'Login' -Id 'txtIdentity'
                } -OnSubmit {
                    #do stuff

I search this kind of parameter here with no success :

To explain, one dashboard is planned to be accessible to some users (a thousand) who are not familiar with english language.


Unfortunately I’m not sure on this, hopefully someone else in the know can answer that.
Although this potentially sounds like a task for a theme? Alternatively you could use independent components to make your own ‘form’ (there maybe more coding involved to collect/handle all the data this way), then you can use new-udbutton and specify your own text/label.

I would consider reading UD Load Testing
While this isnt about universal, just 2.9 version of UD, it’s probably still relevant.
If you’re looking at 1000 users as a userbase, you’ll need to ask what’s your expected average concurrent connections at any one time. If this is going to be a few, then no problem, but if you’re looking at 1000 users accessing the page all at once, you might have a few difficulties!

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Thanks a lot.

In this forest, there are 12000 users but only 1000 of them need (expect ^^) to have access to some dashboards to give them some possibilities (like resetting a password but only for a scope of users for example).
In fact, i don’t expect more than a few concurrent connections at any one time.

But you’re right, i have to consider it :+1: