Additional buttons New-UDInput

I’ve been trying different ways of creating a form in UD and the simplest way seems to be to use New-UDInput. Is it possible to have multiple buttons rather than just a ‘submit’ button? I want to create a multi-page form so I’d like to have next and previous buttons then at the end of the form a submit button.


Hi @tom.obrien and welcome to the forums. I believe from reading your question you are looking for something like this:-

If it’s not let me know, but believe this is what you are asking for? Peace

Hi @psDevUK ah yes that is what I’m looking for. Ideally I’d like a next / previous option like a wizard style but this will work for now. I should have done a more thorough search, it looks like someone else has also mentioned the same thing recently:

I will give the nested inputs a go and will keep an eye on the other thread!

Thanks for your help.

No worries @tom.obrien glad I could help…I see lots of changes coming in v3 and I know it’s on a wish list like you mentioned…I had a look at doing this but my JS knowledge only goes so far, I didn’t think I could do it…but I believe there is a component of this in v3 maybe @AlonGvili or @adam could kindly clarify that…

@tom.obrien @psDevUK the step wizard will be in v3 but for now we don’t have dedicated wizard

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