Component Request - Step Wizard Form

Hey Everyone,

Not sure where to put a request like this (New Category?) But I would love to see a feature/component to serve up a Step Wizard - I found a few React Packages the Stepzilla seems to have more functionality like validation… Does anyone want to take this on to develop? Maybe @psDevUK the component master?



Nice idea, also had this in my mind for a future project.
I think, but haven’t tried it yet, this can be done with this:

Yes I did see that post and use this currently but its not quite as fancy as its missing the step progress, going backwards, and a big feature for me is having informational steps along the way providing the end-user information prior to getting to that step in the flow.

if you go here -

and click through the first 2 steps they are informational I would like to provide a “In this step you will need this information etc…” then click next to input, select etc…

going through earlier steps in a later step makes sens for this need to create a new component.

I think @psDevUK can be the right person :wink:

Thanks @mylabonline and @augustin.ziegler for putting me up to the challenge…funny enough I was having a butchers at doing this exact same thing till @adam showed the light with his cookbook example…I am working on a top secret component right now…but will stick this on my list of things to do for sure…just a reminder I have 4 kids and a full time job :crazy_face:
Also do not forget who the real component master is @AlonGvili that man is way ahead on his skill set…I still need to learn the hooks properly from this guy.
Thankfully I finally figured a decent way to install dependencies…as this was my biggest bug-bear on doing components…as they seem to have a lot more than listed


always looking forward to some new components from you and @AlonGvili :smiley:

I wonder if we can get @adam and/or @AlonGvili to record an updated create components video. I tried to follow the recorded youtube, but the template has changed to plaster since then, and ran into a ton of problems with it.

Thanks for adding it to your list, no rush… you will probably get to building it before I learn how.

Maybe I could solve my current financial problems and do a Adz crazy components video :crazy_face: staring me :sunglasses: and ask you kind community members to help a brother in need £££££


Good Job @psDevUK
just as a small note unfortunately most react components require some java script knowledge and the best way to figure out how to code it correctly is sometimes by looking at a similar existing UD component code and try to figure out from that example how to implement the new component.

I will try to make new template component not using plaster, im currently working on the ant-design library for ud , and they just released v 4 so i need to update so of the components before releasing the ud pack, and the ant-design have like 63 components that’s crazy, and some of them are complex, so im trying to make them simpler for the ud users

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Thanks for the credit :+1:

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You will see , new components, currently working on them

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10+ months later I finally got round to looking into this. I know there is an official component out there, but thought this was still on my bucket list of things to do…so I managed to smash this together:-

Hopefully have the time to publish this and write it up soon :slight_smile:

Well I also had something else up my sleeve but couldn’t get it working, however I didn’t give up on it, as figured it would be possible…anyways I also got this step progress bar component

Will get round to publishing these and writing them up with demonstrations. :slight_smile: