New-PSUSystemEvent - "Exception was thrown by handler"

So I’m attempting to have a PS Job generate some System Events. Below is the “bones” of the script I’m trying to execute… (I’ve left 2 attempts of me trying to format the condition, with one commented out).

# It all starts with a single line of powershell code.
$SoftwareJson = @"
[{"Name":"Adobe Acrobat DC","EXE":"Acrobat.exe"},{"Name":"Visio","EXE":"Visio.exe"},{"Name":"Project","EXE":"WINPROJ.exe"}]

$SoftwareToMeter = $SoftwareJson | ConvertFrom-Json
$Condition = "TargetInstance isa `"Win32_Process`" and TargetInstance.Name = "
Foreach ($Software in $SoftwareToMeter) {
  $Event = $Condition + "`"$($Software.Exe)`""
  #New-PSUSystemEvent -Script "SoftwareMetering.ps1" -Environment "Agent" -Credential "Default" -Type "Create" -Condition $Event -Name "$($Software.Name) Started" -Integrated
  $Event = $Event.Replace('"', '`"')
  New-PSUSystemEvent -Script "SoftwareMetering.ps1" -Environment "Agent" -Credential "Default" -Type "Create" -Condition $Event -Name "$($Software.Name) Started" -Integrated

Unfortunately, this is the result…

When I manually create the event, this is what shows in SystemEvents.ps1… It seems to me that it should be accepting the condition I’m giving it, yet both my attempts at formatting the text yield the same error.

New-PSUSystemEvent -Script "SoftwareMetering.ps1" -Credential "Default" -Type "Create" -Condition "TargetInstance isa `"Win32_Process`" and TargetInstance.Name = `"Visio.exe`"" -Name "Visio Started"

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 3.7.10, 3.8.12

New-PSUSystemEvent is currently not working with -Integrated. It should work with over HTTP with an app token. That said, this has been resolved (and Get\Remove-PSUSystemEvent added) for v3.9.