Event Hub send events error

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 4.0.12

Trying to utilize the new event hub feature and getting the error "[error] Specified method is not supported. " when attempting to send an event to an event hub.

To trigger the event I am running the following from a script (also tried an endpoint)

Send-PSUEvent -Hub 'test' -Data "test" -Integrated

The event hub is named “test” and has no authentication

I am connecting using my personal computer and running the following in pwsh

connect-psueventhub -ComputerName "<PSU instance public URL>" -Hub "Test" -ScriptBlock {write-host $data}

Can you try dropping the -Integrated from Send-PSUEvent?

Also, can you let me know where you are trying to send this event from? (app\script\api). Is it running in the integrated environment or something else?

Ah! The issue was the environment, I was running it under pwsh 7. After switching to the integrated environment and removing -integrated it works perfectly

Interesting. It should work in 7. I’ll open an issue for this.