Event Hubs not working

Hello, I am creating an event hub:

New-PSUEventHub -Name 'myhub' -Description "my event hub"  -Role "test" -Authenticated 

Then I connect to the event hub:

Connect-PSUEventHub -ComputerName http://localhost:5000 -Hub 'myhub' -AppToken $Token -ScriptBlock {
    Write-Host "Event Received"

Then when I want to send something to the event hub:

Send-PSUEvent  -ComputerName http://localhost:5000 -Hub 'myhub' -AppToken $Token -Data "test"

I get “The method or operation is not implemented.”

Powerhshell Universal version 4.0.9

Sending events outside of PSU isn’t supported at the moment and that’s why this is happening.

A work around would be to create an API you are calling to call Send-PSUEvent.

New-PSUEndpoint -Url /sendEvent -Method Post -Endpoint {
    Send-PSUEvent -Hub 'myHub' -Data "test" 

Okay, thanks that works, but authentication to a event hub (Connect-PSUEventHub) does not work when I use a token.