New-Installer - MSI is installed many times

Every time I execute the MSI created by New-Installer, the application appears as a new entry in “Programs and Features” list (all text repeated). It does not override the previous one, or says that the previous version should be uninstalled first.

Adam, this cmdlet is really useful to me because it helped me understanding how to build an MSI without the use of Wix, and I really thank you for this. I also understand there are many permutations and variations, that trying to include all of them in this cmdlet would be an enormous task. I think I will start learning Wix so I can create my own workflow, when they need more than this cmdlet offers.


The application is repeated many times in “Programs and Features” because the WXS has a hardcoded Product Id="*" so it would be convenient to also have a -ProductId parameter in New-Installer, and be manually filled with another GUID to avoid that. Then the old version would be uninstalled before the new one is installed.

I just released version 5.4.2 that includes the -ProductId parameter for New-Installer.