New Google WordTree Chart Component

So thanks to a fellow universaldashboard user aka @augustin.ziegler I was happy that I could release this new component to the general public

What is it?

Well it’s a chart made up purley of words…so as the company I work for is to do with food distribution sometimes I get asked to produce reports to show what customers bought what products…so this to me is now the perfect way to display this data…I even tested this with a 20MB text file consisting of over 270,000+ rows from an SQL query which I concatenated into a sentence of the product type and product description to show what the company sold over a period of time. The performance was amazing considering the amount of data being passed and processed. The more frequent the word appears the larger it is…shows how things link together…this is now available on the marketplace right here:-
I did take the time to include as much information as possible to get using this component in the readme but should you have any questions please do ask. :crazy_face:



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So today I used the beautiful to hold 6,000+ customer codes…then used the very nice to select a start and end date, then the user presses the button which then runs an SQL query based on the criteria selected, then automatically displays a WordTree of everything that the selected customers bought in that date period…just as I envisaged which is super sweet, as I love it when a plan comes together :crazy_face: