Nested table with rendered column works with 4.1.5, not in 4.2.12

This peace of code works with 4.1.5, but not with 4.2.12. The table does not appear when -render is used on New-UDTableColumn. This seems to be a bug. When the -render parameter is removed, the table is shown.

New-UDTable -Data (Get-Process -id $PID) -OnRowExpand {
				New-UDTable -Data $eventdata.modules -OnRowExpand {
					new-udhtml -markup $eventdata.size
				} -Columns @(
					New-UDTableColumn -Title 'ModuleName' -Property 'ModuleName' -render {
						new-udhtml -markup "<b>$($Eventdata.modulename)</b>"
					New-UDTableColumn -Title 'FileName' -Property 'FileName'
			} -Columns @(
				New-UDTableColumn -Title 'Id' -Property 'Id'
				New-UDTableColumn -Title 'ProcessName' -Property 'ProcessName'
Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 4.2.12