Multiple Datasets - Select Label

I succeeded in creating 3 charts: A, B, and C. Charts B and C refresh depending on what element is selected in chart A. Everything works perfectly until I add a second dataset to chart A. How can I select a specific label from the $Body? With one dataset I use

$Item = $Body | ConvertFrom-Json
Show-UDToast -Message $Item.label

What’s the equivalent for 2 datasets?

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 1.4.6

It looks like the click event returns both datasets for the item clicked in the chart.

$Items = $Body | ConvertFrom-Json
Show-UDToast -Message $Items[0].label
Show-UDToast -Message $Items[1].label

Are you looking for the specific dataset that is clicked? We might need to see if we can tweak the ChartJS code to support that.

This is exactly what I was looking for, I’m not sure how I tried everything but this.

Thank you again!

Hey Adam, I was wondering if being able to click on a specific dataset is still being looked at for future releases? I would like to be able to display different Modals depending on the dataset clicked.

Thank you again for all your hard work!

I’ve opened it for the backlog but it isn’t in our 1.6 release at the moment. It might make it in if we have time.

Looking forward to using it, thank you again!