More exemple, more doc


For me the Doc havn’t enough exemple and explenation, for exemple New-UDSelect, I don’t know how I need to do for use it correctly, I just know how to reveal it and add option.
Same for switch and more.
Btw the parameters arn’t explain in doc, I think it will be better if they are.

I love Universal Dashboard and i think he can become better.

Dude, have you read Looking to help out? Contribute to the help! ? More help is on the way…plus in the new poshud you get information on all parameters…just need members to contribute towards help files to make them have more examples

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Yeah I read it and I’m glad of it but i’m talking about the website doc, it’s the “official” doc and for me he need more work, just an exemple, when you go on the site why it’s the primary version we have in main and not the last :
And he don’t have all the Element we can do (e.g New-UDSelect)
lastly for me the doc need to have more complexe exemple than the demo website

Primary version is the most recent version: 2.4

I’m working on the help now. The help in 2.4 is messed up and thats why you dont see it for many cmdlets.

2.5 will have MUCH improved help. It’s in the process though so if you are missing specific components (sounds like New-UDSelect is one) please let me know. For the time being, you can view all the cmdlet help on GitHub as well:

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