Documentation Feedback

I am new to Universal Dashboard (great thus far). I am going through the documentation, and noticed a number of topics that seem to have outdated material, or where the examples do not work in the current version. I looked around the forum a bit but did not see a decent way to submit these for resolution. Is there a defined process?

Just one example I have come across thus far is New-UDColumn; the documentation shows a -Size parameter that does not seem to exist in 2.8.2. There are a couple others I made notes on, just curious the best method to communicate these.

The -Size parameter does actually exist and work, its just not in the auto-complete. (i have several pages that use it)

Strange, I tried it and the column did not size as I put it. I had to end up using the -smallSize parameter. I noticed a couple of other things as well, this was more a general question on how to report that kind of thing.

I also noticed that 2.8.3 was just released, so should probably update and check again.

Hey @JLogan3o13,

For doc issues, please file them here or open a PR if that suites you:

For command line help, that can be found here: - Please file issues in that repo or PRs is you’re feeling up to it.