Missing commands

running PSU (1.2.4) with v3 Dashboard, some commands are missing for example, new-UDinput.

from the console log

[06-25-20 03:02:15 PM] Loading command: New-UDIcon
[06-25-20 03:02:15 PM] Loading command: New-UDIconButton
[06-25-20 03:02:15 PM] Loading command: New-UDIFrame
[06-25-20 03:02:15 PM] Loading command: New-UDImage

06-25-20 03:08:47 PM] PS: The term ‘New-UDInput’ is not recognized as the name of a cmdlet, function, script file

any ideas?

New-UDINput was replaced in v3:


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well that explains that then :slight_smile:
many thanks I was reading the wrong docs

I did this :smiley: Was extremely confused because I was reading the wrong docs… Totally skipped past the line that said “this document relates to 3.X”

always read the full document haha.