Merge-script 2022.1.0 does not insert icon

Tool: PowerShell Module
Version: 2022.1.0

I just downloaded 2022.1.0 and packaged an EXE with .NET 6.0 and PWSH 7.2. I noticed the following glitches:

  1. Application Icon is not inserted into executable. It is defined in the Configfile. The rest (but one) of the metadata is now inserted though.

This is the resulting EXE:

I was able to check the temporary file created in %TEMP% and found out the intermediate EXE has the icon inserted, however it is not passed when compressed into the final executable. Check the dates of both executables to see one was created right after the other.

(2) No Description is inserted into the EXE. I ran merge-script with Verbose and found out a typo in the final creation of the executable.

Please advise.


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The icon was not yet implemented: Icon support for PS7 executables. · Issue #813 · ironmansoftware/issues · GitHub

I was unaware of the description issue. I’ll get that resolved.

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I’m still having issues with Icons not appearing after packaging exe. using ps 7.2.0
the unpackaged .exe in the temp folder appears fine but not after it’s copied to the packaged .exe in the final version.
I’ve upgraded to version 3.0 of pro tools. uninstalled and reinstalled trying to resolve another issue.

C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Temp\56e4f0a9f26645438019066121d4fdbc\out ← icon appears in unpackaged .exe fine

VERBOSE: Setting file information: “S:\SHARED\USERNAME\Scripts_S_Shared\Appname\Out\appname.exe” “1.02” /va /pv “1.02” /s product “AppName” /s description “application descriptionl” /s copyright “@companyname