-Logo in New-UDDashboard not displaying a logo

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 1.5.10

I have a published folder setup with my logo asset inside.
Here is my dashboard code:

$PageRoot = Get-ChildItem -Path "F:\Development\Dev_Dashboard\pages" | Sort-Object -Property Name
$Pages = foreach($Page in $PageRoot){
    . $Page.FullName
New-UDDashboard -Title "Dev Dashboard" -Pages $Pages -Logo '/assets/CompanyLogo.png'

I can’t get a logo displayed on the navbar. Is this what the -Logo parameter is supposed to do?

I can get the logo displayed on each page with New-UDPage -Logo ‘/assets/CompanyLogo.png’. It takes a few seconds to pull the logo when using this, hence the approach from doing it in the dashboard code itself.

I have the same issue, the logo parameter is not accepted by New-UDDashboard when checking the logs.
It should accept it though looking at the docs and changelog…

Edit: running UD 3.3.3 and PU 1.5.14

I just validated that we have this added:

        [string[]]$Stylesheets = @(),
        [ValidateSet("Light", "Dark")]
        [string]$DefaultTheme = "Light",

Can you share the error you are seeing in the log?