Broken Image Links

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 3.5.5

Just built our production instance and licensed it but images/icons dont see to be working whenever we attempt to add them to the dashboard as a logo specifically. Anywhere else on the dashboard the icons/images work. When attempting to use either an image or an icon as a dashboard logo I get a broken image link.

Side note: Prior to our production build I had a ‘trial’ instance that worked perfectly with dashboard logos.

Can you share some of your dashboard code and how you are hosting icons?

Sorry this appears to my fault. I thought I saw somewhere in the documentation saying you could use “$(New-UDIcon -icon )” as a dashbord logo. Testing using an image from a published folder for the logo seems to be working, I was previously trying to use new-udimage for the logo instead of just providing a path to the published folder which appears to be what caused my issues.

Thank you for the quick response!