LiteDB -> SQL slowness

Migrated from using the LiteDB to using SQL hosted in azure. My APIs that invoke scripts seemed to double in execution time which is a bit concerning at scale. I expected a bit of latency slowness but not 2x.

The top 3 are when the server is using azure and the bottom 3 are using the local LiteDB

Anyone else notice anything?

How did you measure the metrics?

I will see if can replicate this.

That image I shared was from azure API management specifically.

Do your scripts write a lot of pipeline output?

Yes but I wouldn’t say its a lot of output for the pipeline. Mainly an AD user object with some other information. Host output is like ~20 lines.

We switched from LiteDB to SQL. I have a bunch of dashboards that rely on very large pipeline output from scripts to drive tasks. Are there any performance recommendations that we should consider?