Large Configuration Data Storage - Discussion

I would love to hear thoughts (Pro’s and Con’s) for best practices for storing data for PSU scripts. For instance, let’s say I wanted to implement Wake-on-LAN to deploy a one-time script to some sleeping computers. In this case I would need to store the MAC address of hundreds of computers somewhere. If I had a script that fetched the Mac Address via GPO and sent it to a PSU Endpoint where would be the best place store that kind of data? A couple of thoughts was a config file like XML, a separate SQL Lite or MSSql database, or a custom table in the PSU database. Again, I am trying to think ahead with the possibility of other use cases in which to store data (mostly configuration or referencing data for scripts). I am trying to think of use in a multi-node PSU environment and potentially about a need of config versioning for different scenarios.

Do you have an asset management system already that contains the needed information? Then I’d create a table in SQL for DevicesThatNeedsWakingUp, with a reference to the asset in your asset management.
If not I’d overcomplicate things and build my own asset database, and reference that.

Not currently. Thank you for your thoughts. I also have another project that would involve storing a config set by the user through a dashboard then use that config in scheduled synchronization scripts. The user would probably update that config through the dashboard every couple weeks depending on need. I am just wanting to bring this to discussion to see what others had to say or what they implemented. I just don’t want a million different configs stored differently.