Issue with Authentication

When using auth on pages. If a user goes to a dashboard, and logs in but types there password wrong the first time. Then goes and types it again correctly, instead of getting the dashboard they are logged into the admin site.

How do I stop that from happening.

Confirming same issue, with login unsuccessful it seems it redirect to console instead. its a bug and should be resolved.

Thanks for confirming, In some ways I am glad its not just me

Any Update on this issue?

I opened an issue for this. I’ll make sure it’s resolved in 2.4.

I have download today nightly to test the authentication issue since it has been fixed 4 hours ago and found that the issue still remains the same.
was this fix included in tonight’s nightly?

I must not be reproducing this correctly. I tried in 2.4 and thought it was fixed so I closed it. Can you send me a screen cap of how you are reproducing this?

if you try to login to a dashboard and you typed wrong user name or password the login page refresh and seems to be redirected to


so the next try if you provide correct creds you will reach admin page instead of dashboard
so instead of staying on it will change to /login/undefined after first unsuccessful authentication.

the issue here is that you need to make sure you login successfully from first attempt or otherwise you will land at the admin page which should not happen since a lot of us are keeping the admin page for admins and end users are not aware of it.

Update: i think i was testing Monday release , just saw Tuesday release and testing now.

Still same issue

What type of authentication are you using? Just forms? Those are the steps I’m using but I don’t see the login page refresh after the incorrect password attempt. Let me grab a screen cast and you can see what I’m trying.

am using both forms auth and ad auth.

Ok. Here’s an example of how I’m doing it. What am I doing differently?


am using dashboard settings as ‘/’ not an actual page its root

Hmmm ok. Just tried that too.


am on iis

what are you using to record screen like this i can send you a screen recording as well to show you

I will get IIS configured tomorrow and give it a shot as well.


i think i found the issue

just deleted universal folder and started fresh and it works like yours which is weird since i was keeping this folder untouched from before to keep my settings with every upgrade.

The issue happen when i add the loginpage.ps1

i have just tried your loginpage example from the docs and the issue happen again