Is it possible view removable drives?

I am brand new to Powershell Universal and I haven’t seen a reference to this topic.
I have several PS scripts that start with getting a list of all removable drives connectected to my machine. I can’t seem to get any information when I run the script in PSU.
I’m running Parallels on an M1 MacBook Air but I have the drives connected to the Windows machine. Any ideas on what I might be doing wrong or even if it’s possible?

Thanks in advance.

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 1.4.6

so you are running PSU inside that VM? Do you see the removable drives in Windows Explorer? Please show us the code snippet where you try to geg the drives

Yes I’m running PSU from inside the VM and I can see the drives in Windows Explorer>

Here’s the code I have tried - I just don’t really know how to get started. This is a key part of a large script for image cataloging routine I use in Powershell.

$strArray = @()
$remDrives = Get-Disk | Where-Object { $_.IsSystem -eq $False }
$count = $remDrives.count

Are you running PSU as a Windows Service? This may be a permission issue where you have more permissions as a local admin than the service user has.