Is it possible to override the export button displayed in the UDGrid

I have a New-UDGrid which displays SQL Data nicely. However some of the fields are numeric and when we export the data, it is not displayed correctly in excel.

I did try to create my own button with a simple function New-UDButton with PowerShell code to export with quotes. However, unlike the default button, I am only able to save the file to a server location with is not accessible by the user.

Is there a way to override the export button so that it adds quotes ?



Not at the moment. This feature is planned for UDv3.


Hey @tesh I use SQL and UD for my dashboards…was thinking if you getting the data from SQL you could just use CONCAT or something similar to place your output with quotes, then hopefully that would eradicate the issue when exporting from the grid…I been using
to display my data which allows you to organise the raw data from SQL in a few simple mouse clicks…you can also do some cool stuff like table heat row, and a lot of mathmatical functions built in as well as charts…if you not seen this before thought I should show it for an alternative to displaying large amounts of data.

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