New-UDGrid / Out-UDGridData

Hey guys!

Been working on a dashboard that shows inbound/outbound email for a list of mailboxes over the last 48 hours for the last week or so now and it’s definitely been a very steep learning curve!

I have a few UDGrids in the dashboard, like this:

`New-UdGrid -Title "Sent Mail Today" -Headers @("Sender", "Recipients","Subject") -Properties @("Sender","Recipients","MessageSubject") -AutoRefresh -Endpoint {
    $Cache:TodaysSentMail | Out-UDGridData

Which outputs like this

The issue I’m seeing is that the Recipients column doesn’t display with the addresses delimited, but if i check the input data or click the “Export to CSV” on the UDGrid the data is delimited.

How do I go about getting it to show as delimited in the UDGrid?

Also, Secondary question. “Export to CSV” exports without the headers (Sender, Recipients, Subject), Is there a way to have these exported along with the data? I can write all the data to CSV in the background and add a download button if needed but don’t want to reinvent the wheel :slight_smile:


Firstly, I’d suggest sharing how you’re building your $Cache:TodaysSentMail variable, ultimately I think the issue here is how the data is held in the variable - its format. Not the snippet you have posted which looks fine.

To answer your second question, if you’re using UD 2.9 or below, that I’m aware of there’s no way to do this currently (please correct me if I’m wrong), but it was logged as an enhancement request on github which I’ve just checked now and it looks to have been closed:

So maybe this is now in V3? (however v3 is still in beta, you can download it from the gallery if you wish to try out - although there are considerable changes to the way it functions so please check the documentation if you do :slight_smile: ).
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