Output from Out-UDGrisData missing

Hello All,
I am having a bit of a issue with the output of a Out-UDGridData, I am pulling in a SQL database into a variable and then trying to display this. All the fields are displayed correctly except one of them, it is showing as blank, although I can filter on the content of this field so the data is there.

My code is below:

New-UDGrid -Title "UMR Log"  -Headers @("SNOWTicket", "WiproUser","Action","THCUser","OldUserOU","LastModified","LastLogon") -Properties @("SNOWTicket", "WiproUser","Action","THCUser","OldUserOU","LastModified","LastLogon") -Endpoint {
    $results | Select-Object SNOWTicket,WiproUser,Action,THCUser,OldUserOU,LastModified,LastLogon | Out-UDGridData
} -FontColor "black"  

It is the first field that is displaying as blank, and I am not sure what is causing it.

Any help would be appreciated.

Sean Buckle


Try a “manual” conversion of the field to the desired display output. Such as:

$Results |
    Select-Object @(
        @{ Label = 'SNOWTicket'; Expression = { [string]$_.SNOWTicket } }
        ... ) |

(Or maybe the problem is too many users in your 4th column? :sunglasses: )

Tim Curwick