Inputfields and submit button?

is it my code or is something wrong here?

it will not activate the button unless i “play” with the text box.


Show-UDModal -Content {

        New-UDInput -SubmitText 'Save' -Title 'Change Settings' -Id 'ModalDashboardSettings' -Content {

            New-UDInputField -DefaultValue $Session:UserSettings.Dashboard.CasesPerPage -Type textbox -Name 'CasePerPage' -Placeholder 'Cases per Page'

            New-UDInputField -DefaultValue $Session:UserSettings.Pipeline.AlertSound -Type checkbox -Name 'AlertSound' -Placeholder 'Alert Sound On Critical case in pipeline'

            New-UDInputField -DefaultValue $Session:UserSettings.Pipeline.CriticalPopup -Type checkbox -Name 'CriticalPopup' -Placeholder 'Popup On Critical Case in pipeline'

            New-UDInputField -DefaultValue $Session:UserSettings.Pipeline.DueDatePopup -Type checkbox -Name 'DueDatePopup' -Placeholder 'Popup On case in pipeline with no duedate'

        } -Endpoint {

            param([validateRange(10, 200)][int]$CasePerPage, [bool]$AlertSound, [bool]$CriticalPopup, [bool]$DueDatePopup)

            $Session:UserSettings.Dashboard.CasesPerPage = $CasePerPage

            $Session:UserSettings.Pipeline.AlertSound = $AlertSound

            $Session:UserSettings.Pipeline.CriticalPopup = $CriticalPopup

            $Session:UserSettings.Pipeline.DueDatePopup = $DueDatePopup

            $Session:UserSettings | ConvertTo-Json | Set-Content ".\UserChanges\$session:CurrentUser"

            Sync-UDElement -Id 'CaseOverviewOpen', 'DashboardSettingsCollapsibleOptions'


            Invoke-UDRedirect -Url $session:CurrentURL

        } -Validate


Looks like a bug to me,

Could you try to remove the [validaterange] and see if it persists?

File an issue for this on Github either way aswell :slight_smile:

made no change
github issue:

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